Creative Services is an extension of Jamie Bennett's professional career as an art director,  graphic designer, illustrator, marketer and photographer. Jamie's success in advertising can be measured by it's sheer magnitude and accolades. The absolute scope of his experience span's four states for nearly a decade. Jamie has experience designing for every type of electronic / printed marketing material that you could ever possibly imagine. 

Anne is an experienced and gifted photographer who runs the day to day operations of Cascade Colour. She is a gifted writer with an eye for composition and drive for perfection.

What are your goals and how can we help you to achieve them? Do you even know what your goals are? 

Cascade Colour was formed by Jamie and Anne in an effort to advance and overhaul the marketing reach of small businesses within the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in marketing strategy and content creation. Let us solidify your brand and provide you with an arsenal of lifestyle / archival photographs that you'll be using for years to come. Cascade Colour can overhaul your marketing / collateral materials and ensure that you put your very best face on when attracting potential customers. We also have experience in email marketing, brand creation, web design, search engine optimization and signage.

Please review our portfolio pages at We will work hard for you because we are passionate about advertising. We are creative people with the experience and drive to ensure your business is a success. Included in this post are just some of my all time favorite experiences in advertising. At the top there is a picture of my wife and I, with Dan Aykroyd at the launch of Crystal Skull Vodka. Below that (to the right) is the only known photo that I have of a very exclusive piece that I created. It was so expensive that I never got a copy (this was created around 2008). And finally to the left there is a picture of me working on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Thank you for your interest in Cascade Colour. Feel free to contact us anytime and please have a wonderful day!

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